Grunt 0.4.5 released

Grunt 0.4.5 is now available on npm.

Thanks to Gary Burgess, James Smith and Carlos Mantilla for their patches. Also, thanks to Vlad Filippov for helping triage issues, troubleshooting Windows CI testing and putting together the changelog.

In this release, we closed around a dozen issues, added the much-requested grunt.task.exists and grunt.config.merge methods, and set up Windows CI testing through AppVeyor. Additionally, the logging API has been broken out into a separate module, grunt-legacy-log, in order to facilitate maintenance.

For a full list of changes, see the 0.4.5 changelog.

Additionally, we have accepted a number of patches for Grunt contrib plugins and would like to thank Kevin Mårtensson, Alexander Futekov, Shinnosuke Watanabe, Shane Daniel, Artem Sapegin, Christoph Pojer, Zhang Yichao, Jevon Wright, Jacob Lauritzen, XhmikosR and Edan Schwartz for their contributions.

Happy Grunting!

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