Grunt 0.4.3 released

Grunt 0.4.3 is now available on npm.

This is mostly a bugfix release. Thanks to Jonathan Krause, PatrickJS, Jason Cust, Fabio Crisci, James M. Greene and Mike Pennisi for their pull requests.

In addition to closing over 30 issues, we have extracted grunt.util into its own module. As mentioned in the 0.4.2 release, we are in process of deprecating the grunt.util.* API. Task developers who use these APIs should update their plugins to use the libraries recommended in the grunt-legacy-util README. You may use grunt-legacy-util directly as a stopgap, but we will no longer be supporting it.

For a full list of changes, see the 0.4.3 changelog here.

Happy Grunting!

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