Grunt 0.4.0 released

As of this morning, Grunt v0.4 final is available on npm! For a lengthy writeup on the release, please see @tkellen's article on the Bocoup blog.

The Biggest Stuff

  1. Grunt no longer ships with built in tasks. They've been extracted into officially maintained, standalone plugins under the grunt-contrib namespace. See the plugin listing on our website for more details.
  2. Grunt no longer ships with a binary. In order to get the grunt command, install grunt-cli globally with npm install -g grunt-cli. This package will run any version of Grunt (including 0.3x) after it's been installed locally to your project.

The Future

Grunt v0.5 will ship with support for a new plugin format called node-task. It defines a stateless, promise-based, event emitting API that doesn't depend on Grunt. It has a real-live spec, and the Grunt team is working with the front-end developer community in the hopes that compliant modules will be compatible with every task runner under the sun.

Grunt on

If you'd like to know more about Grunt, please read our Getting Started Guide, and check out all of the ways you can configure your tasks, too.

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